A Big Thank You to Our Volunteers

Making change possible

Volunteer at UGM

Case managers. Receptionists. Doctors and nurses. Resident assistants. Audio-video editors. Child care workers. Lawyers. Meal servers. Office assistants. Teachers. Mentors. All of these jobs are critical to helping homeless people at UGM.


All of them are done by volunteers.


No matter what your skill set, you can use it to serve your poor and homeless neighbors at UGM.


Gary Leonard

“If the Lord leads you into volunteering for UGM, there is no greater blessing. If you come with an open heart, knowing that there is ministry to be done here, knowing that what you do counts for eternity, that's a great blessing. Volunteering isn't just something to do. It's a call, it's a ministry.” – Gary Leonard, UGM volunteer

Service Projects

Your family, business, church, or small group can help the homeless by doing a one-time service project together. Past groups have set up and torn down for events, washed cars, planted gardens, played music, sorted donations, cleaned kitchens, raked leaves, built shelves, held donation drives, organized closets … you can get creative and add to this list!


Want to get your group involved?

In Spokane, call 509.535.8510. In Coeur d’Alene, call 208.665.4673.

Meal Servers

If you want to learn more about UGM and make a personal connection with our residents, a great first step is to help serve a meal.  You can serve just once or on a regular basis – individually, as a group or as a family. 
Click here for more information and to get started.


Volunteer Orientations

If you want to serve on a regular basis, the best way to start is to see firsthand what’s going on at UGM and where your talents are needed. Come to a volunteer orientation!



In Spokane: Second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 6 p.m.
In Coeur d’Alene: Second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. and fourth Tuesday of each month at 10:30 a.m.


Click here to sign up for a volunteer orientation. >
At the orientation, we’ll give you a volunteer application to submit. Then we’ll work with you to find the perfect place for you to serve as a high-impact volunteer.


If you've already attended a volunteer orientation and would like to take the next step, click one of the links below to apply online:

Spokane Volunteer Application

Kootenai County Volunteer Application


High-Impact Volunteers

High-impact volunteers serve at least four hours a week on a regular basis. At every shelter, at UGM Camp, Motors and Thrift Stores, these faithful partners make UGM’s day-to-day operations possible.


Our high-impact volunteers are carefully placed, trained and empowered to undertake meaningful responsibilities on an ongoing basis.


Larry Scott

“I stopped in and just asked, ‘Could I be any benefit to you guys? I know a little bit about boats – could I be helpful?’ … And four hours a week turned into a lot, lot more. But the result is people who are extremely happy with their boats, and we have provided thousands of dollars in meals and housing for the homeless, and that warms my heart.” – Larry Scott, UGM Motors volunteer

Community Service

Students: If you’re a student looking for a way to fulfill your school’s community service requirement, we want you here! Call Youth Outreach Director Ryan Brown at 509.532.3838 for more information.


Court-ordered community service: Court-ordered service hours can be completed in an uplifting environment at UGM Thrift Stores. Adult men also may serve at the Men’s Shelter. Call ahead to schedule your service at 509.535.8510 or at the Thrift Store location where you’d like to serve.

Watch UGM alumni talk about the impact of volunteers during and after their time at UGM.

As a UGM volunteer, you can change lives!


Ann Williams

“Because of all of you, I am free! I’m no longer a slave to fear! I am a child of God! I hope you leave here tonight knowing that because of your belief in Jesus, you are rivers of flowing waters that have touched my life.”
– Ann Williams, UGM recovery alumna, addressing UGM’s annual Volunteer Appreciation event

Your time
in 2019

More than 1,100 short-term and high-impact volunteers
served across UGM ministries.
Volunteers provided 115,365 hours
of service, equivalent of 55 full-time employees, at a value of about $3.7 million.
18 volunteers
held leadership positions as associate staff.