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Mentoring and Alumni Support

Participants in the Union Gospel Mission recovery programs often speak of discovering what it means to be truly loved and accepted within our shelters — of experiencing a sense of family for the first time. Then, after 18 months to 2 years, they must leave that newfound community. The transition back into society — even for a strong, healthy program graduate — can be extremely difficult. The Aftercare program was created to facilitate this move from one community to another by helping to connect our residents with trained mentors, loving churches and each other.


Our mentorships pair Christian couples or singles with a man or woman in one of our recovery programs in the hopes of creating a type of extended family. Aftercare mentorships help provide our residents with continued relational support to become God-dependent, contributing members of society.

    • Mature Christians are paired with residents in phase 3 of our recovery programs


  • Mentors receive training in the recovery process



  • 2-year commitment



  • Ongoing training and support provided



  • Training: The Mission’s Aftercare department provides new mentor training as well as ongoing training and support to help equip mentors for the role.



  • Provides an overview of the program including requirements, expectations, and UGM’s heart for mentoring as well as information and resources needed to effectively serve as a mentor.



  • Monthly support group combined with additional training




Commitment Requirements

    • Attendance at mentor training sessions. We require all mentors to first attend the Mission’s Volunteer Orientation with Greg Barclay in Spokane or Jen McKenna in Coeur d’Alene,  followed by New Mentor Orientation.   Check our calendar for the next class or get a head start by filling out our online volunteer application form (click here for Spokane or here for Coeur d’Alene). Once you have attended the training, you will be connected with the Aftercare team.



    • Commitment to an individual in long-term recovery



Alumni Events

Events are hosted on a regular basis to help graduates who have continued in their recovery stay connected with staff members and one another.

Events Calendar

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