Business Partners

A stronger community means better business.

Consider how your business might partner with UGM to make a difference.


1. Sponsor an event.

Sponsoring an event is a great way to help the homeless and bring valuable exposure to your business at the same time. Event sponsors will be recognized in a variety of ways.

2. Host a business practicum.

Each of the men and women going through UGM’s long-term recovery program participate in 240 hours of unpaid employment at a local business. The business practicum gives residents valuable experience as they seek to re-enter the job market while providing the business with an invested volunteer.

3. Become a financial partner.

UGM operates without government funding. 88% of revenue is used to provide homeless services.

4. Donate Gift-in-Kind product or services.

If you have surplus or returned product, we may be able to make use of it in our shelters or sell it in our stores, and with UGM managing multiple facilities of varying ages, there’s a good chance we need the very service your business provides.

5. Engage your Employees.

a) Volunteering as a group, holding a drive or doing a one-day service project are all great ways to encourage community involvement and team-building at the same time.

b) By matching your employees’ donations either in part or in whole, you encourage philanthropy and community-mindedness. UGM can help you set up a matching gift program.

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* Denotes business hired UGM candidates