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From its inception in 1951, Union Gospel Mission’s purpose has been to break – not perpetuate – the cycle of homelessness.

Believing each individual is created in the image of God, we see in each one the potential to live a meaningful life, something much better than mere survival on the street – getting a meal here, a coat and blanket there, sleeping in a doorway, constantly in danger from the elements and those who wish to do them harm.

UGM is all about change.


Tim O'Brien

“I resolved to change the person I was into the person I always felt I could be. I wanted to be able to like myself. I knew that in order to succeed I had to stay here and finish this program.” – Tim O’Brien

Clean and Sober

With changed lives as the goal, UGM operates clean-and-sober facilities so that our shelters might be safe for those in recovery. People active in their addiction create safety concerns and are triggers for people trying to stay clean.

We are glad that other shelters exist in our area where those who are not clean and sober can be sheltered and fed, but our priority is to provide a safe and healing environment to those seeking change.

Heart Change

We are also, at our core, committed to the Christian faith. We seek to address the needs of the whole person – physical, spiritual, emotional, vocational – and believe that knowledge of the unconditional love of Christ is a fundamental need. It is through a relationship with the living God that real change happens.


“To change what you do, you must change who you are.”

– The Genesis Process: a Relapse Prevention Workbook

Trauma & Addiction Recovery

Real change doesn’t happen through conformity to a list of rules but through deep healing and the transformation of heart and mind. UGM’s long-term recovery programs seek to address the wounds and false beliefs that led to self-destructive patterns in the first place.

We All Need Change

Life change is not limited to the guests and residents at UGM. Life transformation is one of UGM’s core values. We recognize that we ALL – staff, residents, volunteers and donors alike – are works in progress, and we are committed to learning and growing, building each other up and holding each other accountable (another UGM core value).
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