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Church Engagement

“River City Church gives to the Union Gospel Mission because we know the heart of the people there and the heart that they have for the homeless. We have a heart for the homeless too, and we know that we cannot do it by ourselves – and we don’t need to.” – Kerr Howell, Pastor


The Union Gospel Mission is an extension of the Body of Christ. Our gospel outreach to the poor and homeless in our region doesn’t supersede the work of the local church.  As a “parachurch” organization, by definition we work side by side with churches to fulfill Jesus’ commission to spread the good news and bring His grace and truth to the world.


Ways to engage
  • Serve together. UGM can provide direction for Christians who want to serve the poor but aren’t sure how. Church small groups regularly volunteer together at UGM’s shelters, and it’s a good opportunity to build relationships with one another as they serve together.
  • Welcome our residents. We depend upon local churches to provide a hospitable environment, spiritual support and friendship for UGM residents both before and after they move out. Most of our residents have little or no support and few healthy relationships outside UGM, and we need churches to bridge that gap.
  • Partner financially. Understanding the “mission field” to be local as well as global, churches are some of UGM’s most valued and faithful financial partners.
  • Join UGM Auxiliary. Members of the UGM Auxiliary provide an important point of contact between UGM and local churches. Meeting 5 times a year, Auxiliary members sponsor UGM projects and carry UGM needs before their church leaders and congregations to facilitate greater cooperation in the cause. Anyone may join! Call 509.535.8510 in Spokane or 208.665.4673 in Coeur d’Alene for information about upcoming Auxiliary meetings.


If you’d like us to contact you to talk about how your church can engage with UGM, please fill out the form below.