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Donate Financially

Partner with us to end homelessness.

You are the key to UGM’s welcoming shelters, hearty meals, medical care, job training, counseling and more. Because of you, UGM is able to offer a pathway out of homelessness and addiction to thousands of men, women and children each year.


Union Gospel Mission operates 100% free of government funding.
85% of our financial support comes from individuals.
88% of your donation goes toward services for the homeless.


Keith Green

“I sincerely believe that by giving to the Union Gospel Mission, we are helping to make Spokane a better place to live. A community that cares for its poor and broken is a better community for everyone.” – Keith Green, UGM partner and past board president


Here are a few of the ways you can give financially to help the homeless:




Give a one-time gift.


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Become a Monthly Impact Partner.

Scheduled monthly gifts provide reliable and predictable revenue to cover the costs of operating four shelters and three recovery programs.


“I’m very happy to be able to contribute to the Mission on a monthly basis in order to make sure they have an adequate amount of funds to do the good things that they’re doing.” – Donald McCurdy, Monthly Impact Partner


If you’d like to give on a monthly basis, it’s simple. Set it up and forget about it.
Fill out the online giving form.
You will receive a monthly receipt and thank-you letter.

Become a legacy partner.

Legacy Partners secure the long-term financial future of the Union Gospel Mission, ensure its role in providing for the poor for many years to come, and pave the way for capacity-building projects.

Legacy giving can be as simple as naming UGM in your will, but there are many other options, as well. Click here to learn more.



“I love this: If you give to a nonprofit organization, your money passes right
through, tax-free. It’s not 70% of your money, it’s 100% that goes to the folks you
want to serve.”
– Diana Churchill, Legacy Partner