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Step 1

First, you’ll need to create an account. Before access to the account is granted, you will need to click the link in a verification email as an added measure of security.

Step 2

Once you log in, you will be transferred to a secure website through Stripe* where you can view and modify your billing information and monthly donation amount.


*Stripe is a widely used, highly secure payment processor for online purchases and donations. UGM has partnered with Stripe because your financial security is of paramount concern to us.


calendar-iconThis portal is for monthly givers.

If you would like to make a one-time donation, please go to the donate page. If you are a first-time giver, you will have to make a donation before you can create an account.


Frequently asked questions
  • ‣ Why am I getting a message that my donor record wasn’t found?

    This Donor Portal is intended for donors who give monthly by credit card to the Union Gospel Mission in Spokane, Washington or Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. If that describes you, please give us a call at 509.535.8510 and we can help sort things out.

  • ‣ How do I change my monthly donation amount?

    If you are a current Impact Partner, you should see a button that says Manage giving when you log into the Donor Portal. Clicking that button will take you to Stripe’s secure billing page where you can update your monthly plan. Click the “Update plan” button to change the amount of your monthly donation. You can choose from three different donation tiers: Feed the Hungry ($20-$50/month), Shelter the Homeless ($75-$200/month) and Provide Life Change ($300-$1000/month). To change the amount within a tier, click the “Change quantity” button and increase or decrease the quantity until it totals the desired monthly amount. Then click the “Confirm” button to save your changes.

  • ‣ How do I sign out to protect my information when I’m done making changes?

    When you are finished making changes to your account, you can click the button that says “Return to Union Gospel Mission” to go back to the Donor Portal login page. There you should see a “Sign out” button. Or, you can simply close the browser window where you accessed the Donor Portal. This will log you out automatically.

  • ‣ How much of my donation goes to UGM?

    Stripe charges a credit card processing fee of 2.2% + 30¢ per donation for nonprofit organizations like UGM. For a $50 donation, the fee will be $1.40. That means UGM would receive $48.60, or 97% of your donation.

  • ‣ What is the “flat fee” on my monthly donation plan?

    The simple answer is that there are no fees other than the minimal credit card processing fee explained above. Because Stripe is a payment processor used by many different organizations, they use terms like “pricing plans”, “flat fees” and “subscriptions” that won’t make sense for your monthly donation. We apologize if the terminology is confusing, but you can rest assured that whether you sign up to give $20, $50 or $500 each month, UGM will put your money to work providing meals, shelter and life-changing services to those in need.

Still have questions?

If you need help or have questions at any time during the process, please call 509.535.8510 (M-F, 8:30 to 4:30) and someone can walk you through the process or assist you in making your changes over the phone.