Estate Services

Do you need help handling an estate sale? Are you interested in donating part of the proceeds to help people experiencing homelessness? Whether you would like to donate all or part of the goods from an estate or just need advice, we'd like to help.


Donny Ledbeter is the perfect person to listen and work through the process with you. Donny has decades of experience in handling estates, and he is ready and willing to help you navigate the process.

Donny Ledbeter

“I love helping people. I love the mission of UGM, and I love digging in to get the job done. The way I see it, I’m in the perfect spot to do all three - serve people, generate revenue for UGM’s homeless services and transform lives. The more work that comes my way, the better.” - Donny

Donny, please contact me about UGM's estate services.


If you are in the process of putting your estate plans in order and want to know more about including UGM as a beneficiary, visit the Legacy Giving page for more information or contact Gwen Schwartz | 509.536.3797.


UGM Warehouse

The UGM Warehouse is a new enterprise of UGM that will provide job training opportunities for men and women coming through our programs while generating revenue for UGM’s homeless services. Items from estates that cannot be sold at UGM Motors or UGM Thrift Stores may be sold through the UGM Warehouse. More information coming soon.