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Give Where You Live

Meet Keith Green

Keith Green and his wife, Barbara, have lived in Spokane since the 1970s. In the ’80s, Keith worked with the Federal Housing Administration, hiring crews to clean out foreclosed homes. Two crews of Union Gospel Mission residents impressed him so much with their work ethic and attitude that he wanted to get involved with UGM outside of his real estate work. He chose to give where he lived.

It was a life-changing partnership. Keith ended up serving on the UGM Board of Directors for 20 years, nine as president of the board. Through his service he gained “an appreciation of what willing people with a godly heart can do for those who are troubled and in need.”

He also saw the practical benefits from when the community pitches in to help.

“As a real estate appraiser and mortgage broker, I know the value of a healthy community, and I sincerely believe that by giving to the Union Gospel Mission, we are helping to make Spokane a better place to live. A community that cares for its poor and broken is a better community for everyone.”

This summer, the Union Gospel Mission will provide more than 31,000 nights of safe shelter, meals and other services for people seeking a better life, at a cost of $401,140. Will you join Keith and give where you live to help make it happen?


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Jason McSteen
Meet Jason McSteen

Jason will never forget how God saved his life through UGM and other outreaches. God has blessed Jasons hard work building his business (16 cents, 3 Shoes, & 5 Socks), and he wants to use it to bless others. He chooses to give where he lives.


I want to give back to those ministries because first off theyre preaching the gospel and theyre speaking life into these men and womens lives: men and women who have been raised and living in addiction, in abusive relationships, who have been in and out of prison, who dont know anything but that lifestyle...These ministries are reaching the people who need it the most.


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Gary Leonard
Meet Gary Leonard

“I have been greatly privileged to be a part of the volunteer team at Union Gospel Mission. I know that the time I spend at UGM is helping to make a difference, and I am blessed to be a part of the work. In addition to volunteering my time and skill, I am privileged to give monetarily from time to time, to help those in need in our community. I know that every gift, large or small, helps UGM to bring hope and life change to those who come through its doors. God does His work, and He does it through generous, concerned people!” – Gary Leonard gives where he lives.

Jeanne Helstrom
Meet Jeanne Helstrom

Jeanne Helstrom is a receptionist at the CdA Center for Women and Children, donating her time and the skills she honed working in administration for 23 years.

Here's why Jeanne chose to give locally:

“I love this place. I do, I love it. I’ve told so many people about it,” Jeanne says. “I had never volunteered for anything before. I had taught Bible study and Sunday school at my church, but I had never volunteered in the community. And I came almost four years ago to the parking lot luncheon they had out here. ... I heard a lot of the other people speaking about what was going on here, and I was IN. It just hit me, it was like God said, ‘This is where I want you.’ ”