Justin - Angry

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Born with alcohol and meth in his system to a couple of addicts, Justin felt like he got a raw deal. And that made him angry.
“I looked at God like an enemy just because I didn’t understand why he let me go through all this stuff.”
As a kid, Justin’s anger manifested itself as behavioral problems in the classroom, but in college, fueled by alcohol and drugs, Justin turned to gangs and crime and ended up in jail.
After his last stint in jail, Justin came to UGM and began to deal with the source of his anger: a sense of worthlessness.
“A big part of my journey here at UGM was trying to find my identity…Now, present day, I believe that I am a child of God. I believe that I have love and I believe that I have worth, which is a complete 180-degree shift from where I was when I first got here.”