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Real people. Real change.


At UGM, we believe God transforms broken people into the purposeful ones he created us to be.


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“My light shines, and I wanted people to see it.”


A gang became Zachariah’s family after he lost his parents at a young age. In prison, he resolved to turn his life around – he just needed an opportunity.


Zachariah came to UGM to lay a foundation so he could become the person and father he wanted to be.


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“I was scared I was going to die.”


Charity grew up living in over 20 foster homes. She never learned how to be a good mom, or even a responsible adult. Partying was the life she knew.


Doubled over in misery from alcohol poisoning, Charity begged God for help.


He led her to UGM.


Watch her story.

Your support gives real people hope for real change.
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