Real Change is Possible

See for yourself how your support helps break the cycle of homelessness, abuse and addiction in the lives of real people every day.

We believe

We believe every person is created in the image of God, with immeasurable beauty and worth; that people should not be defined by their present condition or past mistakes; that forgiveness is real and has the power to transform us.

We are all broken. We need each other. No one can do it alone. We are meant to bear each other’s burdens. Healing for our brokenness begins with the heart, with connection, with understanding how much we are loved by a good God. With healing comes change, the potential for joy and meaning. We believe no one was created for mere survival on the streets, for an existence blurred by mind-numbing substances. We believe each person is created with a purpose, a unique gift no one else can offer the world. Our job is to help them rediscover it.

Real change is possible.


“I was selling drugs, I was in and out of prison, I didn’t know how to read or write. I couldn’t even read the sign at UGM that says, ‘Hope starts here.’” 

Kathy didn’t think change was possible for her. She’d been in active addiction most of her life and hadn’t even finished elementary school. At UGM, she was given more than a second chance; she was given a whole new life. “I’m grateful to God. Real change is possible.”


“I was homeless, couch hopping, using drugs. I was a meth user and I almost died of sepsis. I was desperate.” 

When he was at his lowest, Tyler’s grandparents suggested he go to UGM. He entered Recovery and started to heal. Today, he has a job, an apartment, and is surrounded by a loving community. “And I have a really big desire to give back.”


“I was fleeing domestic violence, drugs, chaos. We were living in my car.” 

Krystal was afraid for her and her children’s lives. She didn’t know where to turn, until she happened upon UGM’s Anna Ogden Hall. At UGM, she and her children healed. They found safety, love and community. “Today, I’m living the life I know I was called to.”

Kathy, Tyler and Krystal turned their lives around

because the loving community of the Inland Northwest came alongside them and paved the way for real change. You can pave the way for someone new right now by offering meals, shelter or a week of LIFE Recovery.

Real change is possible 2