Rescue-pageChances are, rescue services are the ones that first come to mind when you hear someone refer to the Mission – food, shelter, showers, clothing and basic medical care. Our shelters provide safe, nurturing environments for people who would otherwise be homeless. Rescue is the first step to recovery and, ultimately, restoration.

Men’s Shelter

Crisis Shelter for Women and Children

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When David Harvey stepped into UGM’s chapel, he just wanted to get out of the cold. “I was living in a van on the street three blocks away – shooting up drugs, drinking, trying to kill myself, no longer wanting to live.”

But that evening changed David’s life forever. He heard a testimony that paralleled his own story, and the words pierced him. While David struggled with drugs and alcohol, his real addiction was to sex, and he believed he had committed unforgiveable sins. “I hated myself for so long.” That night David found grace and forgiveness. Repenting of all that lay behind, he chose to begin a new journey. But God didn’t change him overnight. In fact, he went back to living on the streets for a time.

The persistent coaxing of another Mission resident eventually brought him into the shelter. Someone gave him a Bible and a journal, and David immersed himself in chapel and Bible study. While food, shelter and community brought healing to David’s body and mind (he’s been clean, sober and celibate for 3 years), God’s Word brought healing to his soul.

“What this place really did for me was show me who my Father was.”

Union Gospel Mission