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Transformed Lives

Amanda and Max - Broken

Amanda’s addiction broke her little family apart. Even though she had worked hard to protect Max from her poor choices, she realized she might lose him if things didn’t change... Click here to watch their story >>

Jeff - Homeless

Jeff grew up in an addiction-filled and chaotic home and was eventually removed from his home by Child Protective Services. He went from foster home to foster home, eventually getting kicked out of the foster care system. “Being homeless made me feel disposable.”... Click here to watch his story >>

Dionne - Performer

Dionne spent her life trying to please people, to earn love, to avoid failures. Her ability to perform was all that mattered. But she couldn’t do it perfectly. No one can... Click here to watch her story >>

Keith - Addict

For most of his adult life, Keith had one response to trouble: RUN. From the time he was 19, he was in and out jail, in and out of jail…for nearly 30 years. Finally, “I decided I was sick and tired of living the lifestyle I was living.”... Click here to watch his story >>