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Transformed Lives

Heather - Damaged

Heather had pretty much given up on life before coming to the Union Gospel Mission. She had been in and out of hospitals for mental health issues, and she arrived at the UGM Crisis Shelter with nowhere else to go... Click here to watch her story >>

Trace - Homeless

Trace was living in an RV without power or water. Alcohol and anger were his only resources to manage the challenges of being homeless. On a dare, he came to UGM... Click here to watch his story >>

Martha & Fabian - Alone

Martha started partying at 13. She started being sentenced to juvenile detention at 15. During her last stay, she found out she was pregnant. “I found myself at 17 about to be a convicted felon and pregnant, and I had no idea what to do...” Click here to watch their story >>

Mike - Addict

From age 13 until age 40, addiction to stealing cars and doing drugs made doing time a part of Mike’s lifestyle. Deep inside, though, Mike wasn’t the hardened criminal he thought he was. His mother's death made him want to change... Click here to watch his story >>