Transformed Lives

Rex - Homeless

Addiction had cost Rex his job, his home and his family. He came into UGM for a meal, but he stayed because he found hope. He learned why he’d been running away from his problems and how he could change... Click here to watch his story >>

Debra - Homeless

Debra came from a dysfunctional family and had never learned how to deal with people. Finally, it left her completely alone, living under a bridge in the middle of winter. At UGM, Debra found safe shelter and time to deal with what kept her stuck in isolation... Click here to watch her story >>

Samantha - Ashamed

Samantha grew up with alcohol and drug abuse, without a stable home or a father. As an adult, she repeated the brokenness she grew up with. When she lost custody of her children, she was finally ready to break that cycle...” Click here to watch her story >>

Justin - Angry

Justin, whose parents were addicts, felt like he got a raw deal growing up. As an adult, Justin dealt with his anger through drugs, gangs and crime. At UGM, Justin dealt with the source of his anger and found true healing... Click here to watch his story >>