Offer relief this holiday season 

The holidays are hard when you don’t have a home.

Here are some ways you can provide practical relief and a message of hope to UGM guests this holiday season. 

Christmas Gifts

Gifts for men:
Work shirts, work pants, heavy duty socks, underwear, hoodies, backpacks.

Gifts for women:
Yoga pants, socks, robes, pajamas, sports bras, underwear, hoodies.

Gifts for children:
Backpacks, pajamas (including young adult sizes), socks. 


Participate in “Christmas in a Bag" for Men’s Shelter guests. Bring freezer bags filled with lip balm, candy, socks, insulated gloves, razors, deodorant, etc., to the Men’s Shelter by December 20.

Cold Weather Relief

Donate warm coats, socks, gloves, scarves and hats.

Provide bus passes to ease winter travel between UGM facilities and jobs.

Honorary Gifts

If someone you love doesn’t need anything new this Christmas, consider giving a life-changing financial gift in their name! Your loved one will get a letter detailing how your honorary gift helped a UGM guest find hope for a new life. 

Events, Drives & Volunteering

And there are even more ways to give! If your family, church or other group would like to plan a special event, volunteer opportunity, donation drive or service project for our shelters, call 509.535.8510 in Spokane or 208.665.4673 in Coeur d’Alene TODAY!