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Who We Are


We are nothing without you. UGM only exists because of people like you who give their time, talent and treasure to help the poor and broken.





The gospel is at the center of our name and everything we do. We can offer meals and medical care, but we cannot change a heart. Only God can do that.


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Focused on Change

As our founder Albert Arend once said,

“Our aim is not free meals, but freed persons; not free beds, but free beings.”

Current Executive Director Phil Altmeyer puts it like this:

“We are not here to keep people homeless. We believe God has something so much better for them.”


We’ve got 65 years on the job. What began as a downtown soup kitchen in 1951 has expanded into a comprehensive ministry with four shelters, three recovery programs, two thrift stores, an automotive enterprise and a summer camp for underprivileged youth.


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