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Jeff recalls his journey from living on the streets as a displaced foster teen to who he is now. 4.5 min.

Taryn recalls her journey of recovery with her son at UGM Women’s Recovery in Coeur d’Alene. 5 min.

Shelley talks about her experience volunteering. Nicole shares her gratitude for volunteers do. 4.5 min.

Andrew shares his fun experiences at UGM Camp and Young Club with Youth Director Ryan Brown. 5 min.

Highlights from the LC Valley groundbreaking ceremony on 2.23.24. 1.5 min.

Leaders from churches in the LC Valley talk about UGM and homelessness. 4 min.

See your impact in 2023.
3 min.

Learn why aftercare housing is
crucial to long-term recovery. 6 min. 

Whether it’s simple shelter or long-term recovery, learn in a snapshot how UGM helps. 2 min. 

Whether it’s simple shelter or long-term recovery, take a deep dive into learning how UGM helps. 26 min. 

A heartfelt thank-you from
former UGM residents. 3 min. 

UGM guests share how they’ve been helped by your ongoing generosity. 5 min. 

Parenting is hard. Learn about
TBRI and how it helps. 5 min. 

Christina, recovery alumna more than five years clean, shares words of hope. 30 sec. 

Debra, former homeless addict, shares words of hope to those struggling to overcome. 30 sec. 

Tristan, former homeless addict, encourages those struggling to keep moving forward. 30 sec. 

Bennie, recovered alcoholic, shares his encouragement to those wanting to recover. 30 sec. 

A beautiful montage featuring the stories of all the 2023 LIFE Recovery graduates. 15 min. 

“This is more than a safe haven for many of us. It’s home. It’s the way out of things that most people don’t even want into.”

- Kimberly, former Crisis Shelter resident

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Printable - Need Help Cards Free e-book - Lessons from a Homeless Shelter Video - Breaking the Cycle Free tip sheet - How to Help a Panhandler Free e-book - Homelessness 101

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