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The Board of Directors

The Union Gospel Mission is led by a Board of Directors. The men and women who serve on the Board determine policies, guide financial decisions, and hire the Executive Director, who oversees the operations and staff at each of the outreaches.

Directors (in alphabetical order): Bob Cook, Brad Crockett (1st Vice President), Dave Deters, Mike Drew (President), Jim Dunn, Mary Edmonds (Secretary), Rick Fiedler (2nd Vice President), Mike Fosbury, Mark Fox, Dan Green, Eric Green, Keith Green, Gordy Gregg, Charlie Jackson, Kristi Kinsinger, Steve Lowry, Pat Matson, Judy McGruder, Devin Mecham, Ken Miller, Richard Penn (Treasurer), Tom Richardson, LaChelle Rosenbaum, Vern Scoggin, Charlie Wells, Becca White


The UGM Foundation

The UGM Foundation exists to steward funds donated for the expansion and preservation of the Union Gospel Mission Association.

Directors (in alphabetical order): Art Coffey, Kjirstin Graham, Dan Green (Vice President), Eric Green Herb Landis (Secretary), James Moore, Ed Schlect (President), Vern Scoggin (Treasurer), Steve Yoshihara

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Senior Leadership

The Union Gospel Mission recognizes that staff members are our most valuable resource. More than 200 people are employed across the various outreaches.

Phil Altmeyer

Executive Director

Dean Bitz

Director of Operations

JoAnn Zajicek

Director of Women’s Ministries

Sue Rima

Director of Human Resources

Steve Ellisen

Director of Development

Jeremy Stevens

Director of LC Valley