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Donate Need help?

Help break the cycle.

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Exiting homelessness and addiction takes safety, a solid plan, and time.

For our unhoused friends, homelessness isn’t one big city-wide problem; it’s personal. Every person facing housing insecurity, addiction, abuse, or trouble gaining employment due to lost IDs or a prison record is worthy of individualized care.


With over 70 years’ experience helping one unique soul after
another find a way out of homelessness and addiction,

UGM has established a pathway to a better life for anyone willing to take the first step.  

Step 1: Safety.

Before an individual in crisis can effectively build a better life, they need a safe place to stabilize. A clean and sober environment, safe people, warm meals, medical attention, and basic resources provide the soil where hope can grow.

Give safety: $12.94/month


Step 2: A plan.

Once basic needs are met, men and women can start to face the issues that have perpetuated their unwanted situation. Through case management, employment therapy, or holistic recovery, they can form a plan that will move them toward new life.

Offer opportunities: $90/month


Step 3: Time.

To overcome a lifetime of trauma and addiction takes time. A chance of long-term success reaches 85% after the first five years of sobriety. It takes ongoing mentorship, employment, housing, childcare, and a supportive community.

Provide stability: $250/month



“I have no hesitation, no doubt with supporting Union Gospel Mission. Everything you’re donating, God is using it.”

– Nicole Hendrickson, monthly giver

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When you give monthly, you’ll receive...

A quarterly letter

on the impact of your giving.

Access to a texting service

so you can communicate with Phil Altmeyer, our executive director.

Our donor portal

where you can update your info at any time.

It takes a community, invested for the long haul.

The hard work of real change is next to impossible without a stable, supportive community. Our unhoused friends need to know they are worthy of help, and they have the time and resources needed to stay the course. Practicing new habits, learning news way of life is never going to be a quick and easy process, but it will always be worth it—and worth supporting.

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Together, we can pave a pathway through what often feels impossible.

I want to help break the cycle.