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Changing From the Inside Out

“To change what you do, you must change who you are.” (The Genesis Process: a Relapse Prevention Workbook)

Within the community of the Men’s Shelter, Men’s Recovery participants move toward complete life change through biblical counseling, classwork, group therapy, job training, education and work requirements.

This “whole person” approach is highlighted through the videos below. Click on the photos to get an inside look at the facility and hear from men who have experienced the program firsthand.

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The Union Gospel Mission LIFE Recovery Program is made up of five phases spread over a period of 18 months to two years. The first two phases focus on clearing away the debris and damage of an old approach to living, the second two on building a new one. In the fifth phase, the Mission supports the individual’s transition back into society – not as someone who has been “cured” but as someone who has the tools necessary to build upon a newly established, solid foundation.

While the process is unique to each individual, the basic goals look something like this:

Phase 1

• clear mind from drugs and alcohol
• adjust to living in community
• begin to trust other people
• admit existence of underlying problems & powerlessness to change
• explore relationship with God & His power to bring change

Doug: “I have begun to feel invested in my own life. I have a sense of hope again and am looking forward to fine tuning that hope into setting goals – things I wouldn’t have even been able to consider when I walked through that east door.”

Phase 2

• identify healthy relationship boundaries
• acknowledge the pain the drugs and alcohol were meant to numb
• confront the lies they have believed about themselves, God and the world around them
• take a moral inventory of past behavior/confess failures
• investigate what it would mean to find significance in Christ

Charles: “I mourn for the fact that my children have not had the father they need or deserve. I mourn for the childhood I could have had if not for the violence, addiction and fear. I mourn for every person I have ever taken advantage of and pray for them regularly. I mourn the fact that every decision I made for 36 years was made out of fear. Most importantly, I mourn the fact that for my whole life I turned my back on God. I take comfort knowing God is the Father I always wanted and never had. He’s been there waiting.”

Phase 3

• dive deeply into relationships and past wounds
• examine what it means to find identity in Christ and to be a godly man
• explore aptitudes and dreams with regard to finding meaningful work and being a valuable, productive employee
• compose an accountability team/support outside the Mission community
• develop plans for phase 5 transition

Brent: “The staff here has not only gave me guidance, instruction, counseling and friendship, each and every one of them has modeled what it is to be a healthy, caring, responsible Christian. They cared when I felt no one else did. They believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. They showed me, through the power and grace of God, that I had value, worth and significance outside of the worldly measure of such things.”

Phase 4

• take risks: practice doing life in a new way and making mistakes in a safe and healing environment where forgiveness and acceptance are also being practiced
• face feelings and share them with trusted people
• continue to explore and claim identity in Christ
• learn advanced recovery tools: relapse triggers; conflict resolution; healthy alternatives
• participate in business practicum experience

Ronnie: “The next step in my recovery is probably the hardest. I’m going to be starting work soon and school shortly after that. I’ll be having a lot more contact with people and a lot more temptations. I’ve got good support and accountability groups in place. I’ve got my mentor, my church, a solid group of friends, but wherever I go, there I am. I know God will be walking right beside me. He always has been . . . but I’m still afraid.”

Phase 5

• transition/restoration

Read more about Restoration and how the Mission supports men and women in their transition back into society through Aftercare, Vocational Advancement, UGM Thrift Stores and UGM Motors.

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