Recovery-pageIn our 18-month, grace-based recovery programs, we seek to help individuals address the underlying causes of homelessness and establish new patterns of living – not through conformity to a set of rules – but in response to God’s great love.


Becca arrived at Anna Ogden Hall after a failed suicide attempt. “I thought I was broken beyond repair.”

For most of her adult life, Becca focused on maintaining a polished outward appearance while, just below the surface, life was disintegrating: two failed marriages, job losses, health problems, eviction, drinking to cope. “I couldn’t keep anything under control. I was a mess, but I believed I had to be perfect in order to win approval.” So she pretended, and the pretense was killing her.

The Women’s Recovery program provided a safe place for Becca to reveal her brokenness. “For the first time in my life, I can freely admit my mistakes and my failures. I am no longer afraid that I will be abandoned and alone. I have God, and I know that He will never abandon me. This ministry has filled my heart with hope again. Instead of light at the end of the tunnel, I see light right inside me.”

Becca finished the program and is now working, going to school and being the mom she’s always wanted to be. “I have a life of freedom now.”

Union Gospel Mission