“You have to begin with relationship. That’s where people build trust and realize that the God you know is the one they want to know. It’s not just telling them about Jesus but being Jesus to them. They can hear lots of talk, but to be Jesus to them, that’s a whole different thing.” – Ryan Brown, Youth Outreach Director


More than 700 students in the Spokane Public Schools system are homeless. They may come from broken families or the foster care system, and they often need the basics—food, clothes, homework help. But they also need reliable relationships in which they experience love.

From summer camp, to Bible study at Juvenile Detention, to clothing closets, our Youth Outreach team connects with at-risk youth, listening, loving…and “being Jesus to them.”

Summer Camp

campers-off-busUnion Gospel Mission Camp allows at-risk youth to explore the outdoors and build friendships. And immersed in a positive and caring environment where they hear about God’s unconditional love, they can begin to see beyond their everyday circumstances.

With the help of the community, UGM Camp is offered completely free to nearly 500 kids and teens each year. Partnering with local churches and ministries throughout the summer, kids connect with churches in their neighborhood, allowing the relationships they form at camp to continue year-round. You can send an at-risk child to UGM Camp for $89.

Juvenile Detention

boy-youthOften overlooked, incarcerated youth need to be reached with the love and power of the gospel. UGM’s Youth Outreach Director, as well as, a group of dedicated volunteers visit Juvenile Hall on Wednesdays and Sundays to share God’s grace and unconditional love. Over time, relationships are built and kids open up—and they have incredible things to say! One student at Juvenile Detention expressed, “I realized tonight that though God has moved into my life, I’ve been a terrible landlord.”

Are you being called to “be Jesus” to detained youth?

Student Impact Team

Student Impact TeamThe Student Impact Team consists of local college students reaching the lives of poor, homeless, and detained youth in our area. Through various projects, including mentoring, street outreach, homework club, and relational discipleship, students address the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of at-risk youth. Want to join the Team? Contact Ryan Brown, 509.532.3838 or [email protected].

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We are seeking to rescue a generation from an unsure future and set their hope anew on the saving grace of Jesus. If you have a passion for youth and want to get involved with UGM’s Youth Outreach program, contact Ryan Brown at 509.532.3838 or [email protected]



The Union Gospel Mission partners with churches and organizations throughout the city including various outreaches in the West Central and Hillyard neighborhoods. Get your organization involved by contacting Ryan Brown.

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